2017 - GDR EcoStats : formation "données manquantes", 18 avril

Dans le cadre du GDR Ecostat <https://sites.google.com/site/gdrecostat/>, nous organisons une journée de formation concernant la prise en compte de données manquantes.

Cette journée se déroulera le 18 avril 2017 à Lyon (Laboratoire de Biométrie et Biologie Évolutive, salle de formation du PRABI, Université Lyon 1, Campus de la Doua) et sera animée par Julie Josse (http://juliejosse.com/).

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2017: DEB School

The deadline for registering to the DEB school and symposium approaches fast: February 15.

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This is an advanced training course on DEB theory. The objective is to train participants in estimating DEB model parameters for their species during 8 days. Trainees will come together in Tromsø and interact with skilled scientists actively involved in applying DEB to their own research. The teaching team will present exciting lectures on applications of the theory in a variety of fields: environmental quality management, ecology, fisheries, population dynamics .... It is also the ideal format for networking and strengthening international cooperation.

The School combines an 8 day workshop with a 3 day international symposium.

Learning Objectives

  • Estimate parameters of the standard DEB model for an animal and more specifically an animal you are interested in for your research
  • Formulate a research question and present your research and topic to an international audience
  • Apply DEB parameter estimation to support your own research and address contemporary problems in conservation, environmental impacts and resource management
  • Stepping from individuals to populations: Explain principles of structured and unstructured populations models, methods for analysis of model dynamics and applications.

Read more about the topics , read about costs, 8-d workshop and 3-d symposium program, invited lecturers , register