2020- AMARE-MED 2020: Advanced school on ecosystem approach to fisheries

This is to announce that applications for the AMARE-MED 2020, that will be held at the University of Split (Croatia) from 20 to 25 July 2020, are opened.

The school will provide theoretical basis, working examples and hands-on computer activities, assignments and programming on single and multispecies spatial models using GADGET and SeaPopDym, as well as on ECOSPACE of the Ecopath with Ecosim suite to address multidisciplinary dimension of ecosystem management including both socio-economic and environmental issues.

AMARE-MED 2020 will have outstanding lecturers: André Punt, professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (University of Washington, Seattle, USA) and the Director of the School, and Kim de Mutsert, assistant professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy (George Mason University, Fairfax, USA), and the Associate Director of the Potomac Environmental Research and Education Center (PEREC). Candidates have to apply through the online form (http://echo.inogs.it/amare-med/?q=node/add/registration-form).

Application deadline is 15th March 2020. Twenty-five applicants will be selected on the basis of experience, skills and demonstrated interest to the EAF. Links of the candidates with the CBC Italy-Croatia programme area (https://www.italy-croatia.eu/cooperation-area) will be considered for capacity building in the framework of the FAIRSEA activities.

SUPPORT: Funds are available through FAIRSEA project to support travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants.

Further information is in the attached flyer and is also be available at the AMARE-MED website (http://echo.inogs.it/amare-med/).