[dépassé] 2012_03 : Post-doc, NOAA/Alaska Fisheries Science Center

JISAO Position Description – Post-doc, NOAA/Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Project Title: Development of a package of functions to facilitate the development of custom stock assessment models, including size-based crab models
Project PI: Dr. André E. Punt (UW/School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences).  Project Co-PIs: Drs James N. Ianelli (NOAA/AFSC) and Mark N. Maunder (Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission).
Introduction:  AD Model Builder (ADMB) is used to implement the majority of modern fisheries stock assessment models.  It is a powerful and flexible programming language that has facilitated the complex parameter-rich integrated stock assessment models that currently represent the state of the art in fisheries stock assessment. While general stock assessment models (e.g. ASAP and Stock Synthesis) have greatly increased the number of stock assessments that can be carried out, there are cases in which general models do not have the required structure and inappropriate or suboptimal assumptions have to be made The aim of this project is to develop a set of libraries for use with ADMB which would allow for rapid development of custom stock assessment models and to implement a general size-structured population dynamics model for use with North Pacific crab resources.
Description:   The post-doc will (a) familiarize themselves with stock assessment modeling research at NMFS and other regional and international scientific organizations, (b) in conjunction with the PIs, identify a set of functions which would be benefit fisheries modelers who are developing custom stock assessment models, (c) create, test, and document the selected functions, (d) use the functions to implement a generic size-structured population dynamics model, and (e) present the results at relevant national stock assessment meetings.
Skills:  Essential (a) experience with numerical, mathematical and statistical modeling, (b) experience with ADMB or similar estimation platforms and C++, and (c) ability to effectively communicate in both written and oral formats. Desirable: (a) familiarity with fisheries stock assessment, and (b) familiarity with fisheries management in the North Pacific.
Duration of appointment: This is an initial 12-month position, renewable upon performance and funding.
Supervision: The supervisor of this post-doctoral fellow will be André E. Punt (UW/School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences).  Informal supervision is available from the co-PIs.