[dépassé] 2012_11 : Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions in Groundwater-dependent Ecosystems

[open until 5th November]

Department of Biology, University of Oulu, Finland, has an opening for a post doc position in the Community Ecology Research Group, in the project “Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functions in Groundwater-dependent Ecosystems” funded by the Academy of Finland. The position will start on 1st January 2013 and will continue for 3 years.

Project description and Goals
The project focuses on the assessment of ecosystem integrity in groundwater-dependent ecosystems, particularly springs and spring brooks. Another goal is to estimate the effectiveness of restoration in enhancing spring biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. The project will include a large-scale correlative survey to assess the success of restoration in enhancing spring biodiversity, and to compare biological communities and ecosystem processes in hydrologically altered vs. restored vs. near-pristine springs. Part of the work will be experimental to test whether shifts in environmental conditions (drought; land-use induced sedimentation) that cause biodiversity changes (species loss and/or replacement; community composition) will result in corresponding changes to ecosystem functioning. The work will be conducted in close collaboration with environmental hydrologists, and the project also includes international collaboration with several laboratories abroad, with a possibility of 6-8 month visit to a foreign laboratory.

Job Responsibilities and Required Qualifications We are looking for an individual keen to work in the laboratory and the field, and curious about organisms and communities living in groundwater-dependent ecosystems. We expect a successful candidate to have a firm background in freshwater community ecology and good knowledge on
numerical ecology and statistical modeling. No previous experience on groundwater-dependent ecosystems is required, but is considered a bonus. The candidate should have PhD in a relevant field (ecology, limnology) and demonstrable qualifications in research (publications in international scientific journals). In addition of conducting research in his/her own project, in collaboration with other community ecology groups of the department, the post doc is expected to contribute to thesis supervision at all levels.
The salary will be based on the levels 5 – 6 of the demand level chart for university-level teaching and research staff of Finnish universities. In addition, a salary component based on personal work performance will be paid (maximum of 46.3 % of the job-specific component). The starting salary is thus roughly 40 000 € per year, depending on the appointee’s qualification and experience.

Application Procedure
Please send the following materials merged into a single pdf-file to Registrar’s office by e-mail (kirjaamo@oulu.fi) by 5 th November 2012, before 3.00 pm local time in Finland. Alternatively, you can mail your application to: University of Oulu, Kirjaamo/Office of Registrar, PO Box 8000, FI-90014 University of Oulu, Finland. In the subject field of the e-mail, please, write “Freshwater Ecology position”. Applications will not be returned.
The following documents must be attached to the application:
1) curriculum vitae,
2) list of publications,
3) a description of previous work and research expertise and motivation for the present position,
4) names and e-mail addresses of up to three referees.
For further information, please contact project leader:
Prof. Timo Muotka, e-mail: timo.muotka(at)oulu.fi, tel. +358(0)294481222. For more information about our lab, please check our web pages at