[dépassé] 2012_12 : Senior Reseracher Position, University of Aveiro, Portugal

[candidates should apply by December 7th,   2012]

Sustainable use of Marine resources

MI-PI-41-ARH/2012 – The University of Aveiro (http://www.ua.pt/) intends to promote the development of the research area: Sustainable use of Marine resources (for further information go to http://www.ua.pt/research/PageText.aspx?id=16211), and invites applications for a 24-month position in one of the following areas:


(a) ecology/marine biology;

(b)  geosciences/mineral sea resources;

(c) fisheries/ecotoxicology/parasitology;

(d) genetics/biotechnology and/or microbiology, and

(e) chemistry/chemometrics and/or food processing.


The candidates must have a doctoral degree (obtained six or more years ago) and it should demonstrate a solid experience in one of the above-mentioned areas, project management and leadership of research groups. Also, applicants should have a good track record of publication in SCI journals, experience in (co)supervising at graduate and post-graduate levels (e.g.  post-doctor grantees, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students), strong communication skills and the ability to pursue an independent research career. They will be encouraged to collaborate with other relevant UA researchers within their fields.

Salary will be ca. 4.664 kEuro/month, and it is foreseen that this fixed-term contract starts in January/February 2013. Some support will be provided, including access to joint research and laboratory equipment.  We are committed to foster gender-equality in Science.

For full consideration, candidates should apply by December 7th,   2012.

Applications should include CV and two recommendation letters from international referees. The applications must be submitted by e-mail to sgrhf-concursos@ua.pt, identifying the subject of the call and subarea.

 For further information please contact Dr Ana Daniel, anadaniel@ua.pt.

November 21, 2012 – The Vice-Rector, Prof. Dr José Fernando Ferreira Mendes