[dépassé] 2012_02 : Fisheries Data Coordinator/Analyst

Deadline : 24 février 2012


(AFBI – Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute)

DURATION: 36 months
REF: IRC122799
GRADE: Higher Scientific Officer
SALARY: £27,115 – £30,520
BRANCH: Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems
LOCATION: AFBI, Newforge Lane, Belfast, BT9 5PX
The post-holder will initially be appointed on a fixed-term contract of 36 months, which may be extended subject to business needs.  If there is a continuing business need, the fixed term contract may be converted to a permanent appointment on the completion of the initial 36 month period or any extension.
Further appointments may be made from this competition should AFBI positions become vacant which have similar duties and responsibilities.
For an application form and more detailed information, including the duties and responsibilities of the post, and the criteria to be used during the recruitment and selection process, please write, email or telephone HRConnect at:
PO Box 1089,

The Metro Building,
6-9 Donegall Square South,
Belfast, BT1 9EW
Telephone: 0800 1 300 330. 
Email: recruitment@hrconnect.nigov.net

Applicants are encouraged to submit an online application at the following address: www.nicsrecruitment.gov.uk However, requests for hard copy applications are welcomed and all applications will be treated equally regardless of whether they are hard copy or online. 
All requests must include your name, address and reference number IRC122799.
Completed application forms must be returned to arrive not later than 12:00 noon (UK time) on Friday, 24 February 2012.
As Roman Catholics are currently known to be under represented in this grade, applications from the Roman Catholic section of the community would be particularly welcome.
AFBI is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

The post holder will report to a Principal Scientific Officer and the main duties of the post will be: 
1. To provide scientific and quantitative support for the assessment of marine fisheries resources
The post holder will be an integral part of the Marine Fisheries Section, providing critical support between the data collection team and the project leaders responsible for stock assessment and projects to support the sustainable management of the marine fishery resource in Northern Ireland. In support of this and policy customers, the post holder will contribute to the development of the fisheries management approaches for Irish Sea fish stocks. 
The post holder will be responsible for the coordination, collation and analysis of fishery-independent data and fishery-dependent data, obtained from port sampling, research vessel surveys and samples taken on board fishing vessels. A priority area will be preparation of data inputs and summaries for the European Commission’s Data Collection Framework (DCF), ICES Working Groups and Study Groups, and for reports requested by UK policy customers. This role will require a high degree of numerical programming/modelling skills. 
The post holder will also have the responsibility to provide critical support, liaising with AFBI Biometrics Branch to extend functionality of their existing and developing new marine fisheries databases. This will be in support of ICES stock assessment and DCF data submission and to ensure compatibility with DCF data storage and data quality assurance requirements. 
2. To deliver specialist advice
The post holder will act as an expert on the coordination, collation and analysis of marine fisheries data and provide informed opinion to AFBI and other scientists on data collection and fisheries management issues. When required, the post holder will represent AFBI on appropriate scientific and technical committees within Ireland, UK and the EU. Such representation should enhance his/her own and the Institute’s reputation. 
3. To manage staff and resources
The post holder will manage technical support staff to maximise their efficiency and to facilitate their personal and professional development. 
4. To fulfil other duties
The post holder will be required to fulfil any other duties and responsibilities as determined by management that fall within the ambit of the post. The job description is not intended to be rigid and inflexible, but should be regarded as working guidelines within which the post will work. Although not an integral part of the job, the job holder will be required to participate in field trips that will include at-sea surveys on a research vessel. 
This list is not exclusive and the successful candidate will be required to carry out other duties as allocated by management.  

Applicants must, by the closing date for applications have: 
1. A degree in a biological, mathematical, statistics or appropriate IT subject; and 
2. At least one year’s research experience at post-graduate level of data handling of large datasets, numerical modelling and data analysis; and 
3. Experience of computer programming in one or more of the following: R, S-PLUS, C, and FORTRAN; and 
4. Have access to a form of transport which will permit the candidate to meet the requirements of the post in full. 
Applications will also be considered from applicants with relevant formal qualifications considered by the selection panel to be of an equivalent or higher standard to those stated. 
Relevant or equivalent qualifications: give the type of qualification and date awarded (the date awarded is the date on which you were notified of your result by the official awarding body). If you believe your qualification is equivalent to the one required, the onus is on you to provide the panel with details of modules studied etc so that a well-informed decision can be made.

In addition applicants should be aware that after an eligibility sift, should it be necessary to shortlist candidates to go forward to interview, the following shortlisting criteria will be used: 
1. Experience of computer programming in R or S-PLUS. 
2. At least one year’s experience of fisheries stock assessment.