2013_04: Computational Ecologist Job at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD – Marine Wildlife Spatial Modeling in R

The NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science is hiring a Computational Ecologist, a  statistical/computational ecologist with experience fitting advanced spatial models to marine wildlife survey data (e.g., seabirds and marine mammal transects, fisheries trawl surveys) in R and other statistical languages.  This is a full-time, long-term stable contract position.  We are looking for an expert R programmer with experience in spatial modeling, especially of marine wildlife survey transect data (e.g. seabirds, marine mammals). Please note that this is a contract position, so rather than applying directly to NOAA the link below directs you to the contracting company (CSS-Dynamac, Inc.).  We are looking to hire someone immediately.

Computational Ecologist

Contract position with *NOAA’s National Ocean Service, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Biogeography Branch* (Contract Company: http://www.css-dynamac.com/)
Apply for this job online at https://jobs-consolidatedsafety.icims.com/jobs/1486/job