2013_04: Postdoctoral Research Position in Ecological Modelling

Deadline : 20 avril 2013

The *Systems Analysis and Modelling Department* (group Ecological Modelling) located in Dübendorf (Zurich) has an open (Postdoctoral) research position in *Ecological Modelling*

In the working group *Ecological Modelling* we are working on mechanistic models of aquatic ecosystems. We recently developed the model /Streambugs/, a food web model for macroinvertebrate communities in running waters. This model is intended to facilitate the understanding of important ecosystem and community assembly processes and will provide important information for river management. Full details are available here: http://www.freshwater-science.org/Classified-Ads/Graduate-student-and-postdoc-positions/Postdoctoral-Research-Position-in-Ecological-Model.aspx http://internet1.refline.ch/673277/0174/++publications++/1/index.html