2013_07: PhD Scholarships in Trait-Based Marine Ecology

Centre for Ocean Life http://www.oceanlifecentre.dk
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Centre for Ocean Life (www.OceanLifeCentre.dk) offers a number of 3-year PhD scholarships within the general topic of Marine Ecology. The PhD students will be employed at DTU Aqua (The National Institute for Aquatic Resources, Technical University of Denmark, Charlottenlund, Denmark), or at one of the collaborating institutes or universities in the Copenhagen area.

The overarching goal of the Centre is to develop trait-based models of marine ecosystems. We do this through three interconnected main activities: (i) Identification of essential traits and quantification of the associated tradeoffs for the main life forms in the ocean (from microbes to mammals); (ii) development of trait based models of marine populations, communities, and ecosystems; (iii) descriptions of spatio-temporal patterns and distributions of species and ‘traits’ in marine systems.  Further information on these main activities and examples of possible projects can be found on the Centre’s homepage.

Ken H. Andersen, professor in theoretical marine ecology, http://ken.haste.dk