2015_06: Post Doctoral Position: Northwest Atlantic mackerel modelling, Canada

Place: Fisheries and Oceans Canada Institut Maurice-Lamontagne, Mont-Joli, Quebec, Canada

Duration: 2 years
Subject: understanding and assessing highly migratory Northwest Atlantic mackerel. This stock is currently in a very low biomass state yet still fished in both Canada and the USA. Much of the catch of this stock is unknown because of a diffuse recreational and bait fishery which may be on the same order as the directed commercial catch. This project has several collaborators in Canada and the USA and in addition to better understanding the biology and structure of the stock we are hoping to refine our estimate of stock biomass and its uncertainty through application of novel methods especially those accounting for censored catch and potentially qualitative data.
Collaborators: DFO scientists in Quebec, Gulf, Maritimes and Newfoundland regions, NOAA scientists at Woods Hole, scientists at the University of Maryland and Gulf of Maine Research Institute.
Requirements: A PhD from a recognized university, strong abilities in statistics and fitting mechanistic models and a background in ecology. English or French essential.
Salary: 50,503 CAD/year.
Who can apply: the position is open internationally to qualified candidates meeting educational requirements.
Application: The position is administrated through the Canadian National Sciences and Engineering Research Council as a “Visiting Fellowship in a Canadian Government Laboratory”. This program has certain procedures and requirements which must be met in order to apply.
Deadline: as soon as possible until filled. If you are qualified and interested, please contact us.
Information about the region: Mont-Joli is in the Bas St Laurent/Gaspesie region of Quebec which is renowned for its beautiful forests and mountains reaching the St Lawrence estuary. Mont-Joli is located 30 km from Rimouski which is a full service small city with a PhD granting university and many cultural activities. Mont-Joli (YYY) is serviced by twice daily flights to Montreal with Air Canada and other regional airlines also operate daily flights. Cost of living is relatively low in this region of Quebec and accommodation is not difficult to find. French is the daily language of communication and service in the region.
Dr. Daniel Duplisea, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, daniel.duplisea@dfo-mpo.gc.ca.
Dr. Martin Castonguay, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, martin.castonguay@dfo-mpo.gc.ca