2020-Post-doc to understand inter-annual variability in the abundance of Antarctic wildlife

The Lynch Lab at Stony Brook (http://lynchlab.com) has an opening for two postdoctoral researchers to begin as soon as possible. 

The successful applicants will work on several related projects involving Bayesian time series modelling of wildlife. One of these projects will involve the development of new Bayesian sampling algorithms for age-structured population models. In particular, we are working on methods to estimate survival and reproductive success using annual time series of total abundance across all aged breeders. A second project involves the continued development of population models for Antarctic wildlife, expanding a previous model developed for Adelie penguins (Che-Castaldo et al. 2017 Nature Communications) to three additional species: emperor penguins, Weddell seals, and crabeater seals. This latter project involves a highly interdisciplinary team of ecologists and sea ice modellers to understand inter-annual variability in the abundance of Antarctic penguins as well as their response to shifts in Antarctic climate. These models will be coupled with climate models to generate forecasts of abundance and distribution for these four Antarctic species. 

The successful applicant should have or will shortly obtain a PhD in the areas of quantitative ecology or applied math and statistics, or related areas such as computer science and electrical and computer engineering. This position is highly computational and requires a strong background in Python programming and Bayesian data analysis. Prior experience with high-performance computing, age-structured population models, reproducible research, and GitHub/version control, is desirable. 
Applications will be accepted until September 27, 2020. 
Questions: Email heather.lynch@stonybrook.edu
Application link is here: https://bit.ly/3jwloKw

-Dr. Heather J. Lynch
IACS Endowed Chair of Ecology & Evolution
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Phone: 631-632-2384
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