2020-Postdoc at Stony Brook University in NY

Please help my colleagues and I at Stony Brook find an enthusiastic postdoc to work with us and the NY DEC to develop indicators or ocean health for the NY Bight and to understand trophic interactions in pelagic marine food webs.

The postdoctoral researcher will analyze oceanographic data and develop indicators related to ocean health in the New York Bight and Northeast US. The postdoc will help plan and participate in research cruises and work with a transdisciplinary team of physical, chemical and biological oceanographers.  The postdoc will prepare manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals and present at scientific research conferences.  
CLOSES OCTOBER 8!!!  Full description here
Contact myself (jnye@unc.edu), Lesley Thorne (lesley.thorne@stonybrook.edu) or Joe Warren (joe.warren@stonybrook.edu) for more details!