2014_03: Maitre de conférences « Ecologie des récifs coralliens », Ecole Pratique des hautes Etudes, Université de Perpignan

Deadline: 10 mars 2014
Plus d’infos

A new position (similar to Assistant professor) is open in our lab. You can find the details in English attached and the link to apply is here: http://www.ephe.sorbonne.fr/actualites/recrutement-enseignants-chercheurs-2014.html. As you can see the research themes eligible are very large as long as it is on coral reefs.

As a reminder our lab is based both in Perpignan, France and Moorea, French Polynesia (A new site will be out soon, with everything translated into English. For now, most of it is only in French: http://www.criobe.pf/.). Researchers in our lab can belong to two institutions: National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and Practical Scool of High Studies (EPHE). The open position is an EPHE one.