2014_10: PhD studentship (Nereus Fellow) in global mariculture

The NF-UBC Nereus Program (www.nereusprogram.org) of the University of British Columbia is looking for a PhD student to study the effects of climate change on marine aquaculture (mariculture). Mariculture has been rapidly developing in the last few decades, with total global production increasing from less than 2 million tonnes in 1970 to over 20 million tonnes in 2010. Mariculture has been suggested to be an important contribution towards meeting the growing seafood demand in the future, particularly as production from capture fisheries has reached its capacity. However, long-term sustainability of mariculture has been called into question because of its ecological and environmental footprints. More recently, climate change and ocean acidification are suggested to be potentially affecting mariculture through alteration of habitat conditions and suitability, increased mortality of farmed organisms, emergence of new disease and/or changes in supply of fish feed. This PhD project is expected to help answer questions related to the sustainability of mariculture under global change.
We are looking for a candidate who is interested in undertaking interdisciplinary study, and be able to work with an international team of researchers. The candidate must have a master-level degree or equivalent when she/he starts the study. The candidate is preferred to have a background in environmental sciences, marine ecology, fisheries science, resource management, geography or related subjects.
The NF-UBC Nereus Program will provide a 3-year stipend support to the student with possible extension afterward. The student will be a member of the Nereus Program, under the supervision of Dr. William Cheung, and be admitted through the graduate program in either Zoology or Resource Management and Environmental Studies (Fisheries stream). The student will be based in UBC Vancouver campus.
Interested candidate should submit her/his cover letter and curriculum vitae to Dr. William Cheung by email: w.cheung@fisheries.ubc.ca. This position will remain open until it is filled.