2014_10: Research Scientist position

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is recruiting a research scientist for a two year appointment to develop a life cycle model for Puget Sound steelhead recovery planning.  Listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 2007, the Puget Sound steelhead Distinct Population Segment encompasses 32 demographically independent populations organized within three major population groups.  The incumbent will collate available steelhead population monitoring data, estimate smolt production potential based on watershed metrics, and predict a range of expected marine survival values.  The freshwater and marine components will be linked in a series of scenarios that explore possible outcomes of recovery actions such as habitat protection, habitat restoration, or harvest regimes.  This appointment will present opportunities to collaborate with state, tribal, and federal fisheries biologists throughout the Puget Sound region, and provide access to Puget Sound steelhead monitoring data.  The successful applicant will possess a thorough knowledge of salmonid biology, behavior, and life history, the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team of fisheries biologists, and excellent written and oral communication skills.  Strong quantitative and analytical skills, including programming within R or similar languages, are essential.  Prior working experience with life cycle or similar models of fish production will be viewed as a strength but is not required.  Interested applicants are encouraged to submit materials as soon as possible, but no later than Nov 9 2014.  For further application details, please visit www.careers.wa.gov (this is position #09730-14)