2017: Marine Ecosystem Modelling PhD studentships at PML

Several PhD Studentships at Plymouth Marine laboratory have now been opened for applicants, including three with a significant marine ecosystem modelling component. 

The project titles are:

  • Do marine models need complex ecosystems to make predictions about climate change? – Dr Lee de Mora (PML), Dr Luca Polimene (PML) & Dr Tim Lenton (University of Exeter)
  • Plankton mortality in ecosystem models and impact on human activity – Dr Sevrine Sailley(PML) , Dr Jorn Bruggeman (PML) & Dr Steve Simpson (University of Southampton)
  • Zooplankton, jellyfish and climate – Dr Sevrine Sailley(PML), Dr Steve Widdicombe (PML), Dr Cathy Lucas (University of Southampton), & Elaine Fileman (PML)

Further details on these projects and instructions on how to apply are available: http://www.pml.ac.uk/Learning_with_us/Studentships