2017: Post-doc position in fish physiology and immunology, UNamur

A post-doctoral position is available to study the biology and physiology of migrating eel and Atlantic salmon at the University of Namur, BE*
A post-doctoral position is available immediately to start working on the physiological and health status of migrating eel Anguilla anguilla and Atlantic salmon Salmo salar inhabiting the Meuse river basin, Belgium.

The post-doctoral researcher will work at the Laboratory of Environmental Physiology and Toxicology of the Research Unit in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology, UNamur, Belgium under the supervision of Prof. Patrick Kestemont. The research program is a part of a large European Commission Life project (Life4Fish) in collaboration with different private companies (EDF-Luminus, coord., EDF-R&D, ProFish technology) and university (ULG, BE).

This post-doc position is for 2 years and can start beginning of December 2017

Life4Fish project description
The proposed “Life4Fish” project runs for 4,5 years from October 2017 to March 2022. The Meuse River lies in an environment of great ecological value but has suffered much damage due to high industrialization. Ambitious species restoration programs are in progress, targeting Atlantic salmon and European eel. Other species such as bullhead, barbel and sea trouts are also of great value. However, the hydraulic works impact is easier to measure and more widely documented for salmon and eels. The focus will thus be put on these two species. The project includes a characterization of European eel and Atlantic salmon populations and downstream migration routes along the Lower Meuse River. The proposal includes installation, implementation and monitoring of innovative solutions designed to facilitate passage through the hydropower facilities. The solutions consist of specific technologies (repulsive barriers and fish passes) and new hydropower control strategies accounting for the downstream migrating process.
The post-doc researcher will be responsible of two of the workpackages of this Life program research, with the objectives to characterize the physiological and immunological status of resident fish in the upstream area compared to migrating fish challenged by the passage through water turbines or fish passes, and to evaluate the long-term impact of such water barriers on fish defence capacity and welfare status.

For more information contact Prof. Patrick Kestemont (patrick.kestemont@unamur.be) or Dr. Robert Mandiki (robert.mandiki@unamur.be) from the Laboratory of Environmental Physiology and Toxicology, Research Unit in Environmental and
Evolutionary Biology, University of Namur.

Applicants should be in a situation of international mobility. He (she) should have a PhD degree in Biology or Bioengineering or Molecular Life Sciences with a specialization in comparative physiology and/or immunology, fish biology and fisheries, or similar. The successful candidate should be proficient in English and should demonstrate his (her) motivation to work in a multidisciplinary research team with a highly collaborative spirit.
The closing date for applications is 20th of October 2017. Interested applicants should send a cover letter (briefly describing research experience, interests, and career goal), curriculum vitae (with list of publications), and the names of three references (including address, phone number and Email) to Prof. Patrick Kestemont (patrick.kestemont@unamur.be)