[dépassé] 2012_11 : Eight new chairs in biodiversity science at the new German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) in Leipzig

[deadline until November 30, 2012]

Plus d’infos
iDiv is a new National Research Centre funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), with the aim to establish a world-class centre in biodiversity research. 


It is located in the city of Leipzig and jointly hosted by three universities and eight research institutes. We currently invite applications for eight full professor positions. The job offers had been published in Nature in July this year. However, we have extended the submission deadline until November 30, 2012, because we have not yet received the breadth of different expertise we had aimed for. For some of the positions the low number of applications (and here especially from female scientists) suggests that our call has not reached out far enough. Thus, we have decided pursue some more active head-hunting for excellent biodiversity researchers. Given the high international reputation of the Biodiversity Research Centre in biodiversity research, we would greatly appreciate if you could send the job announcements to mailing lists of your department, announce the positions in your departmental newsletter, publish them on your notice board, and/or send them specifically to colleagues who might be interested. We would highly appreciate your help. The professorships come with 6.5 new positions for the experimental working groups and with 8.5 positions for the theory and the synthesis working groups. The annual running budget is between 60 and 90 kEUR depending on lab expenses. Start-up grants for equipment range between 300 kEUR for theoretical groups to over 1000 kEUR for the experimental groups. The basic lab infrastructure as well as IT-, technical and administrative support will be provided. The teaching load for professors is reduced by half. As an additional asset (as you know), there will be an in-house NCEAS-like mechanism called sDiv with about 12 international working groups per year. It is expected that in particular the theory/synthesis leaders contribute strongly to sDiv. The personal salary W3 is the top-level for academics in German. We would like to emphasize the point that the positions are permanent and come with a full health plan and pensions. Leipzig has a rich history and continues to be a vibrant and international city with diverse cultural events, very affordable housing and superb social milieu. The New York Times recently listed it as one of the 10 must-see places in the world. For more details of the profiles sought and for the application procedure, see the attached adds including all iDiv professor positions. For further information please visit our homepage http://www.idiv-biodiversity.de/ I am confident that we offer something very special. I would be really pleased to have sparked your interest, and even happier, if you would pass on the call to your colleagues at your institute for further dissemination.