[dépassé] 2012_12 : Post-doc, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

[Deadline : December 31, 2012]

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology seeks applications for competitively awarded postdoctoral fellowships from highly qualified candidates specialized in the areas of ocean physics, ecosystem modeling and statistics.  We are seeking up to three postdoctoral fellows to work on the JST funded project entitled “Novel technologies to evaluate multi-scale variations of pelagic marine communities and biodiversity under the influence of the Kuroshio and internal waves in coastal habitats”. 
A brief summary of this project:
Ecological processes driven by environmental forcing occur over multiple space and time scales. This project focuses on characterizing multi-scale biodiversity dynamics in the Kuroshio affected habitats using a novel approach that will combine numerical models with field observations obtained using advanced sensing technologies. The intended methodology of the project is to use the observed data with numerical methods to produce a new planktonic ecosystem model. In conjunction with this model development, a scheme will be developed to predict the dynamics and biodiversity of both phytoplankton and zooplankton.
Candidates can choose from among the following tasks:
1) Three dimensional ocean modeling using ROMS and SUNTAN
2) A new ecosystem model development for NPZ
3) Biodiversity statistical data analysis
All the necessary data will be provided by a new Cabled observatory and a new AUV monitoring system.  The Cabled observatory will be located in Oshima Island; south of Tokyo bay.
Applicants are asked to submit electronically: (1) a curriculum vitae, (2) a publication list, (3) a brief research background and (4) the names of three individuals who can provide a letter of reference. The initial deadline is December 31, 2012.  The application package should be send to Prof. Yamazaki (hide@kaiyodai.ac.jp).  The starting date is April 2013 and the positions are renewable every year depending on performance up to five years.
H.Yamazaki, Professor
Department of Ocean Sciences
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
4-5-7 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8477 Japan