2018: Modeling Cyanobacteria: 2 PhD & 1 Post-doc positions at TU Berlin


DFG-sponsored research center on urban water interfaces (UWI)


Deadline: 19. Aug. 2018


The research will focus on cyanobacteria dynamics in the littoral zone of lakes. The aim is to develop a predictive understanding of lake cyanobacteria ecology considering pelagic – littoral feedbacks. Two of Berlin’s lakes (Tegeler See and Müggelsee) will serve as testbeds. Observations will be obtained using in situ sensors and sampling and analysis (cell counts, toxins). Modeling will build on past models (IAM, PCLake, Salmo) and include relevant mechanisms (physical, chemical, synergism with macrophytes, passive transport with macrophytes), and consider pelagic – littoral feedbacks. There will be a close collaboration with other UWI projects studying invasive mussels (U1), sediment bed – water interaction (U3) and greenhouse gas emission (U4) in urban lakes, and pro-jects that focus on remote sensing (W3) and bank filtration (H1) in urban areas.


The candidate holds a successfully completed university degree (Master, Diplom or equivalent) in Environmental Sciences or Engineering with a focus on water quality or a related field and is enthused about the prospect of working in an interdisciplinary collaborative team of environmental engineers and scientists. The candidate should be experienced in the development and application of water quality models (e.g. programming skills, numerical methods). 

Supervisors: Prof. Ferdi Hellweger (TUB) and Dr. Sabine Hilt (IGB). Please address enquiries to Prof. Ferdi Hell-weger (ferdi.hellweger@tu-berlin.de).

How to apply:


If you are also interested in the other PhD position, please apply to both. That gives us more flexibility.



TU Berlin-sponsored research and teaching assistantship

Deadline: 19. Aug. 2018


Research in the field of surface water quality, incl. cyanobacteria and their toxins, pharmaceuticals, fecal contam-ination, microbial genomics, ecology and biogeochemistry, Measurements of water quality and microbial parameters in lakes and rivers, laboratory experiments and mathematical modeling; Teaching in Master-level courses in Environmental Science and Engineering: Surfacewater Quality Modeling and Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) (exercises and labs)


Successfully completed university degree (Diplom, Master or equivalent) in Environmental Science or Engineering, microbiology or microbial ecology or in a related discipline with a focus on surface water; Good knowledge of mathematics (incl. differential equations, numerical methods); Experience in computer programming; Experience in preparing scientific contributions and teaching material; Very good knowledge of English

How to apply:


If you are also interested in the other PhD position, please apply to both. That gives us more flexibility.


Advertisement will be published in Fall 2018. Check https://www.wrh.tu-berlin.de or email ferdi.hellweger@tu-berlin.de

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