2019-Postdoctoral Researchers (temporary job) Nagano University – Nagano, Japan

Nagano University is planning to seek three trained researchers to work with a team on a study about the population dynamics and fisheries management of Japanese eel (Project Head: Professor-to-be Hiroshi Hakoyama). The project (a joint venture of 11 research institutes) is supported by the Fisheries Agency of Japan, and is going to last several years at least. Lab technicians (two or three people) are going to help the postdoctoral researchers.

Duties & Responsibilities

(1) Postdoctoral Researcher #1 (Statistician, frequentist, time-series analysis, fisheries management, mathematical modeling)

The researcher’s primary responsibilities include: analyzing multivariate time-series of fisheries and environmental data of Japanese eel in frequentist approaches (not Bayesian); developing statistical and mathematical methods for fisheries management; and writing papers with co-workers. The spatiotemporal data include missing values.

(2) Postdoctoral Researcher #2 (Bioinformatician, population genetics, SNPs (MIG-seq and/or RAD), effective population size, pairwise sequentially Markovian coalescent, PSMC)

The researcher’s primary responsibilities include: performing techniques in the laboratory including DNA extraction, PCR, SNPs (MIG-seq and/or RAD); estimating the yearly effective population size of Japanese eel; estimating demographic history by the PSMC method; developing statistical and mathematical methods for population genetics; and writing papers with co-workers.

(3) Postdoctoral Researcher #3 (Pop-up Argos tag, experimental researcher, fieldworker)

The researcher’s primary responsibilities include: conducting field experiments to track silver eels using pop-up Argos tags (e.g., Wildlife Computer) at several locations in Japan, Indonesia, and Philippines; conducting laboratory experiments using yellow eels for developing the new pop-up Argos tag cooperating with Little Leonardo Co; and writing papers with co-workers.

Moreover, all postdoctoral researchers should cooperate with each other, participate in team discussions, assist the members of the team and the lab in all respects, and accept other duties as assigned.


Minimum education: Ph.D. in a related field

Applications: When applying for this position, please send a CV/cover letter and letters of recommendation from the research supervisor or the department head to Hiroshi Hakoyama,hako@affrc.go.jp  by e-mail with the title “Nagano_2019”.

Deadline to apply: 2019/03/22

Location: 1088 Komaki, Ueda, Nagano 386-0031, Japan (Nagano University is planning to establish a new research institute for ecological and fisheries studies in Komaki)

Employment period: from 2019/04/01 (if possible, as soon as possible) to 2020/03/31

Regular work hours: 8:30-17:30 (Break time 12:00-13:00), Monday-Friday

Salary: 470,000 yen a month

Employee benefit: various social insurance equipping (inquiry e-mail address:soumu@nagano.ac.jp)

Contact: Hiroshi Hakoyama,hako@affrc.go.jp  (https://hako.space)

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