2019-Madeira Lab looking for prospect candidates

We are looking for prospect candidates to apply for Arditi doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships. We seek motivated people interested in developing research in the themes of biodiversity, conservation, marine ecology and ecosystem functioning at MARE - Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente (MARE-Madeira).
Our research team gathers knowledge and experience in designing and implementing underwater and intertidal survey programs as well as field and laboratory (mesocosms) experimental approaches applied to several areas, including biogeography, marine biological invasions, marine ecology, habitat mapping, remote sensing, ecology of marine megafauna, ecosystem functioning, marine litter, climate change and other anthropogenic pressures.
Specifically, we are aiming at the following research topics:

POSTDOCTORAL THEME 1 (PD1)– Ecological niche modeling, habitat suitability and spatial analyses; POSTDOCTORAL THEME 2 (PD2) – Using coastal and pelagic seabirds as indicators of marine litter in marine ecosystems;

DOCTORAL THEME 1 (D1) – Evaluating responses of marine benthic communities under different scenarios of anthropogenic pressures (e.g. 
invasive species, pollution);
DOCTORAL THEME 2 (D2) – Multidisciplinary approach to assess impacts of non-indigenous species proliferation on diet and feeding behavior of target native species;

Candidates interested in developing a working plan under these topics together with research scientists at MARE-Madeira, should send a Cover Letter and CV to mare-madeira@mare-centre.pt <mailto:mare-madeira@mare-centre.pt>. Prospect candidates should also refer what topic they are interested in (PD1, PD2, D1 or D2).
Please send these materials until march 22nd, the latest.

ARDITI call open: march 15 until April 15 ARDITI Call info: 

Please share this among possible candidates

João Canning Clode, PhD
Research Associate
MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre Quinta do Lorde Marina Sítio da Piedade | 9200 - 044 Caniçal Madeira Island, Portugal