2020- NMFS Santa Cruz Lab recruiting a postdoc to work on applied problems in fisheries management

Postdoctoral fellowship in quantitative fisheries.

Through a collaboration between the Fisheries Ecology Division of the National Marine Fisheries Service and the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, we are pleased to announce a two year postdoctoral fellowship in quantitative fisheries science.  This fellowship will offer opportunities to apply state-of-the-art modeling approaches (including empirical dynamic modeling, reinforcement learning, and multi-objective optimization), teach part of an introductory course in quantitative fisheries, and develop a working group to address a timely question at the intersection of basic and applied ecology. 

Specific topics are flexible, but are expected to focus on trade-offs in fisheries management. Two examples of possible research topics include analysis of trade-offs involved with 1) harvesting forage species that may reduce the production of predators or compromised protections for conservation targets or 2) costs and benefits of data acquisition for fisheries management and models. The specific topic will be chosen based on the candidate’s interests through discussions with FED and UCSC advisors. 

Ideal candidates have a strong background in marine ecology, fisheries, applied math and statistics, or a related discipline, as well as a demonstrated record of applying quantitative approaches to applied questions.  Candidates should have received their PhD in a relevant discipline prior to fall 2020. Salary is set by UC guidelines, commensurate with experience.  The position is expected to begin autumn 2020. 

Please submit a CV and detailed cover letter describing your background, research experience, and interest in this position to smunch@ucsc.edu with the subject Quantitative Postdoc.  Applications should be received before June 15, 2020 to receive full consideration.