2020- RESEARCH ASSOCIATE FOR THE PROJECT “Comfort” Modelling exploited fish populations under climate Change

Please find enclosed the description of the position that is available in our working group: Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Management <https://www.biologie.uni-hamburg.de/en/forschung/oekologie-biologische-ressourcen/maroeksysdyn.html> atInstitute of Marine Ecosystem and Fishery Science <https://www.biologie.uni-hamburg.de/en/einrichtungen/imf.html> of Hamburg University. Please forward to your network and to whom might be interested. Please note that this is a full time position, the reference to a 65% full time is related to the salary as current in Germany. Just for information 65% of E13 is more or less equivalent to 1600 euros netto a month. Deadline for application is 31st of January.