2016: Graduate Research Assistantship in Biophysical Modeling

An M.S. track research assistantship in the UMass Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program is available at the School for Marine Science & Technology at UMass Dartmouth with a primary focus on coupled biophysical simulations.  

The research project, funded for two years, seeks to examine impacts of climate change on larval connectivity and recruitment of American lobster in southern New England using individual-based models driven by hindcasts of the regional ocean.   Applicants should have an accredited undergraduate degree in engineering, biology, or related discipline. Candidates having documented prior experience  with numerical modeling are strongly preferred.   Additionally, professional competence and good command of oral and written english are essential.  The appointment is contingent upon the acceptance of the applicant into the UMass Intercampus Marine Science Graduate Program.  

To find out more and to be considered for this position please send a letter describing your interests and qualifications for the position, your CV/resume, and contact information for 2 academic/professional references to Prof. Geoffrey Cowles (gcowles@umassd.edu).  Please include your GPA and GRE scores (if available) and anticipated start date. Further information about policies and entrance requirements pertaining to program admission can be found at http://www.umassmarine.net/