2017: Vacant four year position in fisheries management – FarFish project – University of Norway

Please distribute the announcement of this position in fisheries management with deadline 1st of October.

UIT The Arctic University of Norway, Norwegian College of Fishery Science

The researcher will among other things work on the FarFish H2020 EU project that aims to improve the knowledge about fisheries management outside Europe. The project will provide new knowledge that can contribute to implementation of future-oriented management criteria for non-EU waters fisheries where the Union has established cooperation with third countries. The aim is to improve management plans and involve local and European fisheries authorities and the European fisheries stakeholders. FarFish has pilot cases from marine fisheries in Cape Verde, Mauretania, Senegal and Seychelles, as well as international waters in the South Atlantic. For more information visit http://www.farfish.eu/.

Qualifications required
Must have a relevant Ph.D. e.g. in fisheries biology or fisheries management, regional planning, resource economics, and a solid knowledge in quantitative methods. Research experience after dissertation with fisheries management, stock assessment, management strategy evaluation, and decision support systems in a multidisciplinary environment is an asset. Previous experience from EU projects and experience with interaction/cooperation with actors from industry, management, etc.

 Apply here:https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/141395/midlertidig-stilling-som-forsker-i-fiskeriforvaltning