2018: PhD fellow in dynamic modelling of food webs in the Barents Sea (150762) Institute of Marine Research

The research group on Ecosystem Processes at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway and the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway, have an immediate opening for a 3-year PhD position.

The work place will be at the Institute of Marine Research in Tromsø.

The principal area of research for the current PhD position is to explore the plausible future dynamics of the Barents Sea ecosystem under climate and fishing pressures. The work will be conducted as part of the national research project ‘The Nansen Legacy’ (https://arvenetternansen.com/). The Nansen Legacy is a novel and holistic Arctic research project that provides integrated scien­tific knowledge required for sustainable management of the environment and marine resources in the Barents Sea and adjacent Arctic Basin.

The general approach is based on non-deterministic modelling principles, which provide a novel framework to explore the plausible responses of the Barents Sea food web to future climate and fisheries pressures. The non-deterministic network dynamics (NDND) model will be used to simulate and analyse patterns of food web dynamics under climate/fisheries scenarios.

The PhD will contribute to the development and application of robust tools to statistically evaluate model performances and explore plausible responses of the Barents Sea food web to climate/fisheries scenarios. The PhD work will be organised around three main axes: model developments, model statistical evaluation methods and forward simulations.

More information and the application form can be found at: https://www.jobbnorge.no/en/available-jobs/job/150762/phd-fellow-in-dynamic-modelling-of-food-webs-in-the-barents-sea