2019-Post.doc position in ecosystem modelling at IMR, Bergen, Norway


Area of research

The postdoctoral position is funded through the Nansen Legacy project (arvenetternansen.com), which aims to make an integrated assessment of climate and ecosystem changes in the Barents Sea. The principal area of research is under Research Foci 4 (The Future Barents Sea), and the use and development of ecosystem models to simulate key ecosystem properties of the present and future living Barents Sea, e.g. productivity, phenology and distribution.

More specific the work will mainly focus around the NORWECOM.E2E model system, which is an NPZD model including full life-cycle individual based models (IBMs) for key species at several trophic levels with separate modules for ocean acidification and the transport and fate of pollutants. The postdoctoral work will include i) development, implementation and validation of a Calanus glacialis IBM within the NORWECOM.E2E model system, and ii) Investigate impact of expected future ocean climate conditions on lower trophic levels. The biophysical modeling community within the Nansen Legacy includes different classes of ecosystem models, thus an important task is also to contribute to the integration of the results from several models. Extensive research collaboration with national and international institutions is expected and encouraged.

The postdoc position is in the Ecosystem Processes research group, working on research, monitoring and management advice on ecosystem structure, function and dynamics, including climate change effects and impacts of human activities, using both empirical and ecosystem modelling approaches. The ecosystem modeling team at IMR counts seven researchers from different disciplines and research groups.