FELLOWSEA is the Programme for Post-Doctoral Talent Attraction developed by the University of Vigo on behalf of the Campus do Mar network and co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, which intends on building a particularly favourable environment to attract the best experienced researchers in marine and maritime science, technology and management.

FELLOWSEA offers three year grants to 10 incoming experienced researchers, non-Spanish residents, providing the opportunity to develop her/his research project within the framework of institutions participating under Campus do Mar. Fellows will be hosted by one of the several research groups existing in the hosting institutions: the University of Vigo, the University of A Coruña, and the Spanish Institute of Oceanography from its headquarters in A Coruña and Vigo.


Three positions in statistical/quantitative ecology (1 PhD, 1 post-doc, and 1 researcher) are available at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology of the University of Tromsø, Norway. These positions will work within the project “Sustainable management of renewable resources in a changing environment (SUSTAIN): an integrated approach across ecosystems”, funded by The Research Council of Norway for the period 2015-2018. This project combines the three strongest ecology research groups in Norway with nodes at the Universities of Oslo (UiO), Trondheim (NTNU) and Tromsø (UiT), led respectively by Profs. N.C. Stenseth, B.E. Sæther and R.A. Ims. The Tromsø node also includes NINA (Department of Arctic Ecology) and the Norwegian Polar Institute. The project’s main aim is to investigate how combined anthropogenic and climatic changes affect different harvested ecosystems (terrestrial, freshwater, and marine – particularly, but not only, in Arctic regions) and how management strategies can be improved to ensure sustainable exploitation and resilience. The research for these positions will mainly be associated with the work package 5 of the SUSTAIN project, which aims to explore how climate variation and change in combination with harvesting and other management actions will affect food web interactions in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems.

See the links for the details on each position.
PhD position (deadline 25 May 2015):

Post-doc position (deadline 25 May 2015):

Researcher position (deadline 4 June 2015):